Here's How You Can Have A DIY Pamper Day At Home With These Simple Recipes

Here's How You Can Have A DIY Pamper Day At Home With These Simple Recipes

By Samprita on 06 Feb 2023
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In our busy chaotic lives, we all deserve some time off from our chores wherein we get to relax and prepare our mind and body for the new upcoming challenges. Or maybe prepare yourself for the upcoming weekend, just for your own self. Isn't that a brilliant idea? Loving your own self is extremely important and we being your well-wishers can't let you skip on that!


Take out some time and dedicate a day to pampering yourself with some easy DIY remedies that can help you feel relaxed and refresh your skin and hair to prepare you for another hectic week at work.

Hair mask for soft and shiny locks:

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Pollution and stress, the two main factors contributing to your dull & lifeless hair. Give your hair some much-needed attention with this easy to make hair mask. The mask is a simple mixture of two ingredients that is aloe vera gel and some warm coconut oil. Take a few big scoops of aloe gel and 3 tbsp oil, mix it well and apply it on your hair from tips to the roots. Cover your hair with a shower cap to seal the hydration for about 30-40 minutes. Use can also do the hot towel treatment if you want a complete hair spa experience at home.

Essential oil diffuser for aromatherapy:

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Have you ever noticed how amazing the spas we visit smell? It's all about the aromatic smell that relaxes our senses. The relaxing aroma at the spa is the first thing that hits our senses and you can re-create that same feeling at home with some essential oils. It's quite easy to make your own diffuser at home by using a facial steamer. Just fill it with water and add a few drops of your favourite essential oil and lay back. The aroma will make your entire pamper session even more fantastic. You can opt for rose or lavender essential oil as they are known for their soothing effect.



Body and face scrub for smooth & glowing skin:

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By the time the aroma spreads in the room and does its magic on relaxing your body you can work on your scrub. Take a spoon of sugar in an empty bowl and add oil of your choice, like coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil or argan oil. This concoction will not only remove dead skin cells from your body but also hydrate your skin, add softness and add a glow to your skin.

Face mask for a radiant glow:

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The world's best place where you can find all the solutions to your skincare issues is the kitchen and you will have to head to the same place to create your own facial mask. If you are from a dry skin family then prepare a mixture of curd and honey and leave it on your face for 15-20 minutes to get smooth & hydrated skin.

If you have oily skin then prepare a face mask with Multani mitti and some rose water. Apply the mask and leave it on your face, until it dries down completely.


If you have combination skin then make small portions of both the masks and apply it accordingly on the target areas for glowing skin. You can always add a pinch of turmeric if you suffer from acne issues since turmeric is the best ingredient to heal acne & pimples.

A sheet mask for oh-so nourished skin:

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DIY sheet mask may look very fancy and difficult to work with they are totally not. Busting all the myths, sheet masks are extremely relaxing, hydrating and quite simple to do. You can create your own mask by following these few steps. Dry out some wet wipes and cut them in the right shapes and sizes for your face. Then boil some green tea and let it cool down.  Mix some aloe vera gel in the tea and keep mixing till its consistency starts looking like a serum. Pour the mixture into a tray and dip the cut-out wipe in the mixture. Let the mixture soak into the sheet and voila your sheet mask is all ready to go on your face. Keep them on your face for 20-30 minutes and achieve a fresh and moisturised look.


Toner for feeling refreshed all day long: from

The last step of any skincare regime is to tone your skin. For that, you would need a toner which can also be created in a few easy steps. You will need an empty spray bottle to which you have to add aloe vera gel and some rose water. You can spray this solution on your face once you are done with the elaborate cleansing routine. You can also use this mixture daily on your face to wipe out all the dirt with a cotton pad. To get the best results, pat the toner on your skin than rubbing it off so that you don't lose the effects of the previous face mask/pack hydration from your skin.


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