5 Accessories You Can Use To Add Desi Touch To Your Western Look!!

5 Accessories You Can Use To Add Desi Touch To Your Western Look!!

By GirlStyle on 11 Feb 2019

There is an unspeakable charm about Indian and western outfits individually. They both have different elements that makes them even special and look even prettier. Sometimes we like to don western outfits while sometimes we like to don Indian outfits, mostly it depends upon the occasion. There are times when we want to dress according to the occasion in an amazing western outfit but do not wan t to loose the touch to our Indian roots and those are times we have serious case of needing a stylist but not being able too afford it . 

The best solution to this problem is by simply accessorising yourself with some amazing Indian accessories that compliment your western outfits in best possible way. Be it something as simple as jeans or something as glamorous and glitzy as gowns, there its nothing that you cannot pair up with them to bring that desi touch.

Take a look at 5 Indian accessories that you can use to spice up your western outfits.


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Nothing can be more Indian than bindi which instantly catches the eye. It is easy to compliment a bindi with the western outfit. Just match some colours here and there and voila! You will instantly have that little desi touch that your outfit was craving for.


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Bole Chudiyaan, Bole Kangana.....Not in the mood to wear some fancy bracelet to for you office party or maybe even a red carpet?! Not an issue, simply pair your outfit with a set of silver or gold bangles and you are good to go.


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Comfortable and super chic, that is how we will describe the combination of Kolhapuri sandals and a western outfit. Not only they are super comfortable in comparison to mile high heels but they also grab eyes because of their uniqueness.

Silver Jhumkas

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Complete your look casual western look by donning a set of gorgeous silver jhumkas with it. Classy and sophisticated will only be the two words to ever describe this lovely combination of silver jhumkas and denims.

Nose Pins

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Let your koka shine bright. Pair a beautiful nose ring with any of your western outfits and you might find yourself at the positive receiving end of the rope. The combination of western outfits along with nose pins look timeless and simply gorgeous.


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