7 Simple & Natural Ways To Remove Your Makeup For Healthy Skin

7 Simple & Natural Ways To Remove Your Makeup For Healthy Skin

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By GirlStyle on 07 Feb 2019

We know how much you girls adore makeup and we don't think there is anyone out there who doesn't. It makes you feel perfect and camera ready always. But do you know extensive use of makeup can be harmful to your skin? Nope, that doesn't mean you cannot apply makeup. Well, you can wherever and whenever you want but what we need you to bookmark is the fact that you have to remove it right before you go to bed.

Just in case you are someone who believes in going au-naturale or likes to apply makeup only on few occasions and doesn't exactly wish to invest in expensive makeup removers then this article is just for you.

Keep reading if you wish to know all the natural ways which can help you remove heavy layers of makeup and achieve soft and supple skin!

Milk is your go-to option

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Raw milk has been a raved kitchen ingredient for ages which can do wonders to your skin. Take a cotton ball and dip it in some raw milk and use it to clean your face. Simple and easy right?

Olive oil is the master of all

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Olive oil is literally the most magical ingredient and truly a blessing for your beauty regime. You can mix a few drops of olive oil with 10-12 drops of rose water to prepare the mix. Take a cotton pad, dip it in the mix and wipe your face with it to get a clean face and neck. This would not only make your skin radiant but also leave it oh-so hydrated.

Coconut oil to the rescue

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There's nothing coconut oil can't do! The heaviest makeup, even the harshest and waterproof makeup can glide away with this natural product. Apply coconut oil on your face, and rub it well to break it down for proper removal. Take a cotton pad or wet tissue and wipe your face.


Give honey a quick try

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Honey is known for its antibacterial properties that can help cure acne and it also contains enzymes that can help remove dead skin cells. Honey, when mixed with baking soda, acts as a makeup remover which is highly effective to leave your face clean and gentle.


Cucumber juice to go a bit different

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You all must be aware that cucumber is a cooling agent for your face and if you are someone from the oily skin family then using cucumber juice is the best option for you. This helps in brightening your dull face and if you have heavy layers of makeup applied then add a few drops of oli8ve oil to the cucumber juice to remove your makeup.


Yogurt for the win

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Yogurt is rich in fats, protein and lactic acid and helps in detoxification of your skin. Washing your face with yogurt will not only help you in removing your makeup but will also help you to moisturise your facial skin. Use a cotton pad to remove the makeup and later rinse your face with cool water.


Hot water steam

If you wish to give your face a proper cleanse then steam is the most effective way to do it. Once you give any of the above-mentioned ingredients a try it is now time for a good face steaming session. This will help you to unclog your pores and once you are done with the steam, don't forget to wash your face with cold water to close your pores so that you get relaxed and fresh skin.

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