7 Ways That Can Help You In Loosing Extra Calories Without Going To The Gym!!

7 Ways That Can Help You In Loosing Extra Calories Without Going To The Gym!!

By kashish on 07 Feb 2019
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Being healthy and fit is extremely important specially when most of us are busy juggling one thousand and one different tasks at once. There are chances of falling in serious illness or ageing prematurely if we do not take care of our health properly. We all know it is important to eat healthy food, intake a balanced diet, go to gym and burn all the junk that we eat to follow healthy lifestyle.


Sure, it is important to go to the gym but there are moments when we simply lack time or are occupied with some or the other commitment or are simply feeling lazy to dress up and burn ourselves out by doing cardio and weight training. But only if our body and metabolism could understand all these facts then life would've been even more easier.

You will be quiet astonished to know the list of things you can do to burn the calories without even going to gym. Sometimes even most basic of the things burn calories which we were never aware about. Take a look at what are those things and those ways that you can adapt to burn the excessive calories without having to go to the gym.

Walk and Talk

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You can multi-task and burn some calories without any trouble. Simply go for a walk while you are talking on your cellphone. It doesn't matter if you are at home or in the office. Not only you will be buying out some calories you will also get the opportunity to releaseax and breathe in some fresh air.

Eating Chewing Gum

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Who would have thought that eating chewing gum can save you from going to the gym! Eating chewing gum burns 11 calories per hour. Just make sure to eat sugar free chewing gum in order to not in take extra calories from he chewing gum itself.

Morning Cardio

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Allow yourself some time to enjoy beautiful sunrise by either going for a morning run or opting skipping/ jumping ropes. Not only it is an amazing way to kick start new day but it will also make you feel fresh and energised. Little morning exercise will give you boost to your metabolism.


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Something as normal as standing can help you in burning from 80 to 200 calories, depending upon the duration of time you have been standing.



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Skip gym and jump into a pool. Swimming freestyle for an hour can help you in burning a good amount calories and it also helps the body in relaxing. So do not forget to enjoy your swimming sessions during your free time.

Take Stairs

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If you cannot go to the gym then allow yourself to skip elevators and escalators and burn your calories by climbing the steps. Climbing stairs is a great exercise for legs and it helps in burning calories as well.

Ride a Bicycle

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Leave behind the luxury of your cars and the horrors of getting struck in traffic and ride bicycle during your free times. Riding bicycle at 15 miles per hour can help your body in burning excessive calories depending upon your body weight.



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