Makeup Trends That Will Be Your Festive Saviour This Year

Makeup Trends That Will Be Your Festive Saviour This Year

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By Samprita on 20 Aug 2018
Senior Digital Editor

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The inner corner of your eyes go unnoticed almost half of the times but they are an important thing to work with for brightening your eyes. Place a pigment on the inner side of eyes and it will surely make a huge difference and add tons of spark to your face. Natural shades like white and gold are the staple options but makeup artists are currently opting for fun colours like pink, orange and blue. We bet this trend would stay for a long time since it's simple and effective both.

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2017 was the year of glitter and looks like we are still not over with the trend yet.  Amongst all the glitter trends, the glittery eye is the one we can literally try all the time. A lot of beauty lovers have this as their go-to look. Isn't that super fancy? Apply a sheer layer of sparkle to your lids or you can also go for a super heavy coat like the models do on ramps. hhgPhoto from

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