Which Shoes For Your Zodiac!

Which Shoes For Your Zodiac!

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By GirlStyle on 13 Sep 2018

We all have unique and different personas. Our personalities depend on our zodiac signs.We watch out for our stars to tell us about the best days of the month but what about our personal style? Isn't is frustrating to sit in front of your and decide which footwear to match with your outfit? Right footwear is all you need to solve your problems and so we found you the most suitable footwear based on your zodiac sign.


Aries are bold and passionate people who like being on top and so we bring you a pair of Sexy Stilettos to help you remain on top.

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Relaxation, comfort and luxury is always preferred by Taurus. Nothing can be better a pair of beautiful ballet flats to help them relax.

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Geminis like to juggle their professional and personal life together. They are fearless and creative, therefore a pair of Strappy Heels is just for them.

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They might appear as frosty at first appearance but are extremely emotional and domestic. What can be better than a pair of ankle boots for the the sexy yet safe look.

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Leos are known for their passion and flare for dramatics. Thigh High Boots are just what they need to gain the spotlight.

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Hyper aware and always in need to attain perfection, Virgos are organised in every sphere of life. A pair of White Pumps is made for them!

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Secretive and brooding qualities of Scorpions makes them extremely desirable and irresistible. A pair of Blood Red Stiletto awaits them.

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Sagittarius have the ability to light up the room with their zeal and enthusiasm. Their curiosity and wanderlust separates them from the crowd. A pair of Sneakers is just what they need to grab before they jet, set and go.

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Focused on achieving their goals, Capri's have conservative and restrained thoughts. A pair of Nude Kitten heels will suit them best.

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Rebel, wild and young are the strongest traits of Aquas. Their weird sense of style and unusual hobbies make them deserve a pair of Animal Printed Heels.

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Living in their own world of imagination, Pisces are full of emotions and ignorant to negativity. Such creative people deserve Peep Toes.

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