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Nail Designs According To Your Birthstone To Try At Your Next Manicure Session

Nail Designs According To Your Birthstone To Try At Your Next Manicure Session

By Wei Yin on 17 Jul 2020
Digital Editor

Apart from the eight nail trends to try in 2020, how about choosing something closer to the heart? There are 12 birthstones associated with each month of the year and are said to bring good luck and healing properties to the wearer.


At your next manicure session, choose one of these birthstone-inspired nail designs according to your birth month to decorate your nails with!

Check them out below!

January - Garnet 

Garnet ringPhoto from Pinterest

The garnet stone is commonly in a dark maroon colour and symbolises peace, prosperity and good health.

Maroon nails with silver gemsPhoto from Pinterest

Maroon nails with rose gold glitterPhoto from Pinterest


We recommend going for a maroon colour just like your birthstone but make it look more lively by incorporating glitter and gems. Rose gold glitter on alternate fingers will look really good with maroon. You can also opt to attach sparkly silver gems to your nails to stand out from the crowd.

February - Amethyst 

Amethyst crystalsPhoto from Pinterest

The amethyst is a beautiful purple quartz stone that is often associated with qualities of peace, courage and stability.

Amethyst geode nail designPhoto from Pinterest

Purple marble nail designPhoto from Pinterest

Since the amethyst is already such a beautiful stone on its own, try replicating the design of the stone on your nails. Go for a marble effect with swirls and keep to using purple shades such as violet and lilac. Add some gold flakes to amp up the luxe factor.

Another design is to keep it minimalistic by applying a top coat and attaching small pieces of purple gems to the sides of your nails to create a geode effect.


March - Aquamarine

Aquamarine ringPhoto from Pinterest

The aquamarine is a stone in a pale blue shade that aids with emotional healing.

Blue and gold nail designPhoto from Pinterest

Ombre blue nail designPhoto from Pinterest

The aquamarine stone is stunning and so are these nail designs! If you like something simpler, go for the half-blue-half-transparent nail design with gold flakes. But if you want something more eye-catching, choose the ombré blue nail design topped with glitter!

April - Diamond 

DiamondPhoto from Pinterest


Diamonds are a girl's best friend and other than looking pretty, they can also improve one's energy and enhance luck.

Transparent nails with diamondPhoto from @蒋蒋? via 小红书

White chrome nailsPhoto from Pinterest

Shiny and sparkly is the way to go if the diamond is your birthstone! Rather than attaching gems to your entire nail which can result in a tacky look, use them to create a French nail design by sticking them only on the tips.

A pearly white chrome nail design that reflects light beautifully is also a great option.

May - Emerald

Emerald ringPhoto from Pinterest

Emerald is a rich green stone that is considered to be a symbol of rebirth and love.


Emerald green nails with leaf detailPhoto from Pinterest

White and green leaf nailsPhoto from Pinterest

Go for these contemporary leaf nail designs that are perfect for summer (the climate we live in all year round). Green on white or green on beige both work well so go ahead and experiment with them to create something uniquely yours.

June - Pearl

Pearl in an oysterPhoto from Pinterest

The pearl brings peace, confidence, courage and calmness.

White pearl nailsPhoto from @小鱼同学 via 小红书

Transparent pearl nailsPhoto from @饰颜纹绣美甲美睫?丹丹 via 小红书


As the pearl is your birthstone, you should of course incorporate it into your nail design! If you think pearls are old-fashioned, think again! When done right, it adds a slight cuteness and vintage vibe to your nails. The trick is to use big pearls sparingly and go for more small ones. You will want to attach those small pearls near your cuticles or around the edges of your entire nail.

July - Ruby

RubyPhoto from Pinterest

The ruby is considered the king of gems and represents love, health and wisdom.

Red heart-shaped nail designPhoto from Pinterest

Red fire nail designPhoto from Pinterest

Match your nails to your fiery red ruby birthstone by going for the flame nail design. If you prefer something softer and cuter, go for the matte red and nude pink nail design with mini hearts.

August - Peridot


Peridot stonePhoto from Pinterest

The peridot is a light green stone that symbolises strength.

Neon green French nailsPhoto from Pinterest

Jade marble nailsPhoto from Pinterest

Remember Rihanna's jade marble nails? Use a light green colour to achieve that jade marble effect to match with your birthstone and incorporate gold chrome onto some of your nails.

If you are looking for something simpler, the neon green French nail design paired with a pale pink colour is elegant yet lively at the same time.

September - Sapphire 

Sapphire ringPhoto from Pinterest


The sapphire comes in a rich blue colour that represents loyalty and trust.

Dark blue marble nailsPhoto from Pinterest

Dark blue galaxy nailsPhoto from Pinterest

Just like your birthstone, choose a deep blue colour and something shiny for your nail design. The marble effect with broken shells is ethereal while the sparkling galaxy nail design is mysterious and edgy at the same time.

October - Tourmaline 

Tourmaline stonePhoto from Pinterest

The tourmaline stone is in a pretty pastel pink colour and promotes self-confidence while diminishing fears.

Translucent rose quartz nail designPhoto from Pinterest


Pink tourmaline nail designPhoto from Pinterest

Choose a pastel pink base and use white nail polish to create faint lines on your nail to replicate the tourmaline stone. These nail designs are dainty and feminine, sure to tickle most girls' fancy.

November - Citrine

Citrine stonesPhoto from Pinterest

The citrine carries the power of the sun and is warm and comforting.

Yellow sunflower nail designPhoto from Pinterest

Yellow daisy nail designPhoto from Pinterest

Yellow is probably the most fitting colour for your manicure design but if you are not a big fan of yellow, we recommend pastel yellow and mustard yellow. Pair these colours with floral designs such as sunflowers or daisies because flowers bloom when the sun is shining bright!


December - Turquoise 

Turquoise quartzPhoto from Pinterest

The oldest stone in man's history, the turquoise is a stone of protection.

Tiffany Blue diamond nail designPhoto from @迷人西兰花 via 小红书

Tiffany Blue butterfly nail designPhoto from @帆Fan via 小红书

Not sure about you but Tiffany Blue is the very first colour that pops up in our head when we think of turquoise. As the Tiffany Blue colour is already striking enough on its own, we recommend keeping the design simple. Go for minimal gems or stickers to really let the gorgeous Tiffany Blue colour be the focus of your nails!

Which of these nail designs is your favourite?

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