Here's 10 Food All Girls Need To Include In Their Diet To Stay Healthily In Shape

Here's 10 Food All Girls Need To Include In Their Diet To Stay Healthily In Shape

By GirlStyle on 19 Nov 2018

Don't wait till CNY hor. It might be too late. The time is now.

With the upcoming Christmas and New Year celebrations, we can already foresee you girls stuffing yourself with the log cakes, potato chips and turkey. Yes, we know they're yummy. Believe us, they are all good.. until you see yourself putting on the extra kilo(s).

To those who are celebrating Lunar New Year, let us just remind you that it's happening very, very soon. In fact, the first week of Feb. This means you would be doing your CNY shopping in no time and here's the truth: fitting into your desired outfit takes hard work.


If you don't wanna go visiting with an extra bulge, check out this 10 foods you should eat to stay healthily in shape.

But of course, do take note of your calories intake. As healthy as these foods may be, nothing turns out well if you overeat. Remember, it's not the carbs that makes you fat. It's the calories.

#1 Salmon


Salmon is a great source of protein that's also rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. It is also helpful in keeping our blood sugar level in place, breaking down our fats and in turn, helping us lose excess weight (especially in the lower part of our bodies).

Best part? They are so damn yummy. Sashimi lovers would surely devour the entire bowl in seconds. For those who don't fancy raw food, who says you can't enjoy salmon another way? Grill it or cook it... Either way, all's good. Eat first and thank us later (◕‿◕)

#2 Avocado


They say avocado (esp avocado toasts) is a 'millennial thing' but no, it's a thing for people who love their bodies.

Avocado contains carnitine, a natural compound that can help our body increase its metabolism. If you didn't know, the higher our metabolism, the easier it is for our body to burn fats.

If you like the idea of our body burning fats even when we are at rest, eat more of these avocadoes and see results in the long run.

#3 Coffee


Black coffee is low in calories and high in antioxidants; precisely why we're definitely saying yay to drinking it. However, the keyword here is black coffee. No sugar, no milk or anything extra because it would only add on to your calorie intake and trigger your insulins and that is a big no no.

Also, we found a  study done by a group of Korean researchers which concluded that people who drink 3-5 cups of coffee a day are at a lower risk of getting a heart attack. So... more (black) coffee for you? (◕‿◕)

#4 Eggs


Eggs are a cheap yet easily accessible ingredient/food that everyone loves.

Did you know? Eating a good egg breakfast can fill your stomach and prevent you from overeating for the rest of the day. Check out more about this egg diet here.

#5 Chilli


Chillies contain capsaicin, a compound that actually produces a burning sensation when it comes into contact with any tissue. And yes, it includes our fat tissues. This compound has also been proven by some studies to boost metabolism which can in turn, help our bodies burn more fats.

If you're not good with spice, tasting even an ounce of it would turn you off, right? Maybe that's why the experts say it can reduce our appetite and overall calorie intake :P

#6 Spinach


There's a reason why salad bowls these days are using more spinach than lettuce. This leafy greens, my dear, is loaded with nutrients and antioxidants that can help you improve your overall eye health and even aid in cancer prevention.

We're not kidding about the latter because spinach contains MGDG and SQDG, two precious components that have been proven to slow down cancer growth.

#7 Green Tea


If you're a green tea lover, good for you, because every cup contains almost no calories. But of course, we're talking about the ones with zero sugar. Not Pokka green tea hor, but maybe Ayakata.

Green tea has been proven to boost our metabolism and improve our body's overall efficiency for burning energy.  Besides mineral water, green tea is the second most popular beverage in the world. For maximum effect, take 2-3 cups a day. P/s: Hot green tea works best.

#8 Oats


Oats are one of the best meal replacement foods. If you want to avoid overeating as well, treat yourself to a bowl of oats in the morning and let it keep you full till your next meal.

There are many interesting oats recipes these days too so it doesn't have to be the plain and boring old-school oats. Pair it with your favourite fruits or add on some nutritional nuts (see #10!) and there you have it, a bowl of delicious and wholesome goodness.

#9 Greek Yoghurt


As compared to the normal yoghurt, greek yoghurt is basically one packed with nutrients. Excess water, lactose and minerals are drained out from normal yoghurt to leave behind this creamy, rich yoghurt that has less sugar and more carbs (to give you energy and make you feel full). The acidity in this yoghurt can also help our body absorb more nutrients easily.

If you're craving for desserts while you're on diet, go to the nearest supermarket and grab a cup of this goodness. Eat first and thank us later.

#10 Almonds


Almonds are filled with nutrients like magnesium and vitamin E. Magnesium is an important component that maintains our blood sugar levels and help us reduce our food cravings by keeping us full.

If you're someone who's always hitting the gym, it'd be good to eat more almonds as it can give you the energy you need to build your muscle mass. So girls, bear the nutritional values of these 10 foods in mind and try to include them in your diet. For maximum effect, watch your calorie intake and exercise regularly to tone up and shape up. This could be you if you follow this diet!

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So jiayou and let's feel good and look good together ♡
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