That's Why Ombre Magenta Hair Is Trending! A #Hairgoal For All Hair Lengths

That's Why Ombre Magenta Hair Is Trending! A #Hairgoal For All Hair Lengths

By GirlStyle on 10 Jan 2019

The perfect hair colour for the first quarter of 2019: Ombre Magenta Hair

You don't have to go extreme for a head of beautiful mane that uniquely defines you.


You don't have to excessively bleach to achieve a good shade od purplish red. Its pretty from light to dark! You can pull of a full hed of magenta in your desired hair length, or highlights, or ombre! This hair colour represents lioness strength. Maybe, you're in a season where you're in control and you know what you're about to do. Good on you!

A New Beginning 2019

Magenta is a light purplish red color. You can achieve a dark shade without bleaching but of course, bleaching your hair makes every colour brighter.

Ombre hair means that your hair colour gradually blends from one color at the top to another towards the bottom.

Short Hair

Straight Dark Magenta


Magenta Highlights


Chest  Length




Mid-Back Length




This hair colour is added to my to-dye-for list!

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Twinsies ?? Vivids aren’t crazy popular around these parts. Utah is a more conservative state- and with that, comes a more conservative appearance. I’ve always been a huge proponent for doing what you want with your body, and appearance- just like tattoos, hair color doesn’t determine whether you’re a good or bad person. It’s just one of a multitude of ways to express yourself. These ladies are my sister and my cousin. I’ve probably been a “bad” influence (?) on them both, having vivid hair myself- but ultimately they were brave enough, and true to their selves to take a leap and do something against the norm. And I know they both are doing it for themselves. Not society. Not to impress anyone. Just because they want to- and why not!? Life is short. Have fun hair! What color would you do- if you could anything? Spill it! #utahhairstylist #weareintrepid #intrepidstudiosalon
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