7 Tips To Prevent Your Nails From Breaking This Winter Season

7 Tips To Prevent Your Nails From Breaking This Winter Season

By kashish on 30 Nov 2018
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With the arrival of winter season everything changes, from our clothes to skincare routine even our eating habits. But one of the main yet most neglected routine is our nail care routine that also requires attention and changes. Like everything else our nails also need special care and attention to prevent them from becoming brittle and breaking.


Hot showers, acetone, cold winds, alcohol sanitizers  can cause severs damage to nails. They cause the nails to become dry and chip off, they are one of the main reason why our cuticles peel off. Take a note of few tips that can prevent your nails and thus your heart from breaking.

File nails in one direction

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Never bite or chew your nails, and most importantly file them in one direction. Every time you will file them in opposite direction they will chip and break off. Try and avoid filing your nails after shower or when your hands are wet, this causes the nails to break easily.

Apply moisturizer

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Apply non scented moisturizer or cuticle or even almond oil on your nails and cuticles to keep the nail hydrated and to avoid the skin peeling. Apply the oil or moisturizer and massage them for few minutes. You can follow the routine either before shower or before you go to sleep.


Use acetone free nail paint removers

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Use acetone free nail paint removers. It is recommenced to avoid acetone as it makes the nails extremely dry causing the white lines to appear and even increases the risk of nails chipping.

Soak Nails in warm water

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Allow your nails to soak in lukewarm water for 10 minutes at least once a week. After that apply some vaseline or cuticle oil on the skin to keep them soft and  hydrated.

Never keep nails naked

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One of the biggest reason of nails breaking or chipping is because we keep them naked. Nail are dead cells and they don't require breathing, therefore apply a thin coat of transparent nail paint or vaseline on  the to prevent them from breaking. The nail  paint or vaseline saves the nails from pollution, dust and cold winters which can be harmful for nails.

Keep nails shorter

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The best option is to keep nails shorter and filed. Long nails will have bigger risk of breaking or chipping and in some cases they might end up pulling the entire nail resulting in pain and injury.



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