Pre-Holi Beauty Tips To Help Protect Yourself During The Celebrations

Pre-Holi Beauty Tips To Help Protect Yourself During The Celebrations

By Samprita on 07 Mar 2023
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HOLI HAI! The most soulful slogan you get to hear every year in the month of March is finally here. Holi is a festival of colours and is vibrant and cheerful in its own beautiful way. The celebrations are all about pichkaris, water balloons and tasty gujiyas which you obviously cannot resist.


However, with the fun and excitement of this joyful festival, there are a few disadvantages that every person has to deal with. Yes, you got it right, the harmful effects of chemicals and heavy metals in colours that are barely organic. All this leads to dry and rough hair, brittle nails and dull skin that can dim the beauty of your party mode.


After reading the above, it does not mean that you cannot engage in the festival, sure you can with some important tips and precautions that will help you enjoy the festival to its fullest without any worries!

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#1 Apply a thick layer of oil to your hair from the roots to the tips. you can use castor, coconut or olive oil to do the same. This will keep your hair protected from harmful colours and will further help to easily wash it off post holi from your hair.

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#2 Use a thick layer of moisturiser on your skin and all over the body. The application of the cream will help reduce the impact of colours on your skin. Colours are harsh on the skin and tend to make it look dry, damaged and stained hence moisturising it before the celebrations will help reduce the effects of the colours on your skin. Also, apply a thick layer of lip balm on your lips to keep them safe for a smiling face the entire day.


#3 Avoid doing any facials or threading before Holi. Facial treatments involve peeling or exfoliation of the skin which can lead to further sensitivity. After getting any facial treatment, the pores are open and there is a chance that the colours can seep through them causing rashes and irritation.

#4 Wear clothes with full sleeves to cover your entire body to help minimise the exposure of your skin to harmful colours. It is suggested to wear cotton clothing during the celebrations since they are breathable fabrics and will not further aggravate your skin irritation.

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#5 Apply loads of sunscreen with a minimum of 50+ SPF for sun protection while you are playing outside your homes, to enjoy the celebrations in the scorching heat. This will help in protecting your skin from exposure to the sun as well as the colours.

#6 Stay Hydrated throughout the day since you will be busy in the festivity and that can be a bit taxing for your body. Keep drinking water or any juice you like to keep dehydration at bay. Lack of moisture in your body can dry out your skin combined with the harsh chemicals leading to major skin issues.

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#7 Don't forget to paint your nails to avoid the colours staining them and making them look dry and brittle. If your nails absorb the colours, it may take quite a lot of time to go. So, don't forget to apply a nail paint of your choice and dab some vaseline around the cuticles for extra coverage.

#8 Do not wear contact lenses since the holi colours can damage your eyes causing more irritation once they get trapped between the lenses.


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