7 different Herbal Teas & Their Magical Health Benefits!!

7 different Herbal Teas & Their Magical Health Benefits!!

By kashish on 21 Feb 2019
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Herbal teas are raging these days. Unlike common tea, herbal teas are not just leaves but they are derived from any and every edible part of the plant to be boiled in the water for extraction of its wholesome goodness and so they are also known as tisane. Herbal tea are extremely beneficial and people drink it to maintain their healthy lifestyle and for relaxation.


There are various types of herbal teas available in the market. While some have various health benefits some have only one or two health benefits. One thing common between all kinds of herbal tea is the fact they all contain anti oxidants. every herbal tea has different beneficial quality and taste depending on the type of plant it is derived. Drinking them on regular basis helps the body to detox, relax, loss waste and reduces problems like blood pressure, heart attacks, etc.

Take a look at some of the common herbal teas and their benefits.

Green Tea

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Helps in weight loss, reduces the chances of heart diseases and cancer. Helps in getting rid of stress and makes body relax.

Jasmine Tea

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Jasmine teas are aromatic and refreshing. They help in reducing weight and lowers the levels of cholesterol.  It reduces the inflammation in veins and arteries and boosts the metabolism.

Chamomile Tea

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It calms the nervous system down and helps the body in getting rid of stress and tension.  Fights bacteria and promotes healthy sleep.

Hibiscus Tea

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Hibiscus tea is anti-inflammation and contains anti-oxidants which help in  fighting diseases and absorbs sugar from body.

Black Currant Tea


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Full of vitamins, black currant tea helps in boosting immunity and metabolism. It gets rid of body pains and helps body in getting rid of flu.

Mint Tea

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Popularly known for its medicinal benefits, mint tea is extremely refusing. It helps in getting rid of nausea, reduces inflammation in gastrointestinal areas and cools body during fever.

Lemongrass Tea

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Miracle for skin and health, lemongrass tea helps in reducing blood pressure, helps the body with fluid retention, makes hair glossy and soft. It also helps the body to get of all the toxins and acids.



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